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Share certificates

What are share certificates?

They are legal documents that show how many shares you have bought in the company, and should be kept in a safe place. Unless you opt to hold your shares in electronic form (through a CREST account or through a nominee), a certificate is sent to you when you have bought your shares. When you first buy shares in Tesco, you are given a shareholder reference number, which is shown in the top left-hand corner of the certificate. This should be quoted on all share-related correspondence with us.

Share certificates are posted to shareholders at their own risk. We recommend that you keep a record of your account and certificate numbers and of the number of shares each certificate represents.

What happens if I lose my share certificate?

Contact the Registrar as quickly as possible, quoting your shareholder reference number if you have it - this can be found on your share certificate or on the tax voucher accompanying your dividend. The Registrar keeps a record of shareholders names and addresses, and the number of shares they own. You will need to complete an indemnity which will cover the company for any loss which may arise from a dispute over the ownership of the shares and you may also have to pay an insurance premium. Once everything is complete, the Registrar will arrange for a duplicate certificate to be sent to you.

Certificate consolidation

If you have several Tesco share certificates you can ask for your certificates to be consolidated into one. Please send them to Equiniti, together with a covering letter. You should retain the counterfoils as they may be required for tax purposes.

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