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The three key pillars of the Little Helps Plan are underpinned by a number of areas where we are committed to doing the right thing.


Our commitment is to ensure that all of our new packaging will be sustainable, reusable or recyclable.

The safety and quality of the products that we sell are fundamental to our business. This is why it is vital that we continue to innovate with suppliers to develop sustainable packaging solutions to ensure that we are minimising environmental impact.

The changes we have made:

  • In the UK, we have removed polystyrene from our fish packaging and replaced with a more environmentally friendly plastic, avoiding 653 tonnes of polystyrene being used.
  • Our meat trays where we have replaced a two layer plastic tray with a single layer plastic, thereby making 84 million trays easier to recycle and removing 96 tonnes of plastic.
  • We have made significant changes to the packaging of our wet wipes with a 20% material reduction and removal of 57 tonnes of plastic. This material saving is enough to make over 10 million more packs.

Overall, over 78% of the packaging on all our own brand products is recyclable depending on if the local authority collect it.

Our future focuses

We have made considerable progress but we recognise there is more to do. We are working with the industry to address systemic recycling challenges such as black plastic food trays, FSC traceability and glass weight reduction. As part of the Little Helps Plan, we are setting out new commitments to ensure that our packaging is always proportionate, sourced sustainably and recyclable or compostable.


New targets