We want all of our colleagues to be themselves and reach their potential – whoever they are, wherever they work, whatever they do.

Flexible Working

Providing our colleagues with the flexibility to ‘get on’

With over 450,000 colleagues globally, we have a responsibility to give our colleagues a great experience of working at Tesco.

We do this in a variety of ways; by offering more flexibility to balance their home life with work, the opportunity to be part of a great team and make a difference to customers, as well as the chance to get on, do what they enjoy and develop their skills.

At the same time our customers are changing and so are their shopping habits. Our business needs to be able to respond to these changes to continue to serve customers when and how they want.

Our aim is to “make every hour count” in our stores: through the right people, in the right place at the right time with the right skills to ensure we serve shoppers a little better every day. This is a first for both Tesco and our Technology Partners and we are determined to deliver technology that is simple, helpful and trusted.

What we are doing:

  1. Greater control and choice: We are developing an app to give colleagues more control of their own work schedules as well as providing further opportunities to work additional hours. Our colleagues will be able to select overtime opportunities across all stores of their choice – ensuring stores are well resourced to serve customers while giving colleagues the chance to work additional hours when it suits them.

    A pilot for the app is currently live in one store in the UK and used by 160 colleagues. We expect the technology to roll out in 2018, across the UK first and then introducing it to our international markets. In our Asia stores we have initially started to introduce a simplified version of the app with limited functionality.

  2. More flexibility for our colleagues: We are introducing more flexibility for our colleagues with the ambition to improve guaranteed hours. Colleagues will be able to select from a range of new working options including term time only, seasonal and “friends and family” job shares.

  3. Improving skills and capabilities: We are investing in training our store colleagues so they can do more than one job role, increasing variety to their work and increasing their opportunity to work more hours. With job families and the additional training colleagues will have access to more work across the store.

All of our plans, enabled by technology, offer a huge opportunity for us to give our colleagues the chance to manage their work around their life and help the business to serve Britain’s shoppers a little better every day.

We want to be one of the most flexible employers in retail and will ensure we remain an employer of choice and the preferred supermarket for our customers, by ensuring we are Simple, Helpful & Trusted.