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Food Waste

At Tesco, we have no time for waste. We think it’s simply not right that good food goes to waste

Tackling food waste at home

A significant proportion of food waste occurs in the home. We’re striving to find ways to help customers reduce waste with initiatives such as changing our promotions, making technology updates to packaging and improving our distribution chain.

Reducing our Promotions, Focusing on Everyday Low Prices.

We know that customers feel some product promotions create more food waste so we stopped “Buy One, Get One Free” on fruit and veg in April 2014. Instead we focus on price cut promotions offering customers great value all year round.

Packaging Innovation

Packaging innovations can make a real difference to how much customers waste at home. As an example, we introduced "skin packaging" on our beef and lamb products which gives customers up to an extra 5 days of freshness.


Product Innovation

We can also help customers through innovative new lines, such as our frozen avocados. Customers tell us they often struggle with fresh avocados at home as they go off very quickly which can result in food waste, and they can be a bit messy to prepare! Our frozen, peeled and halved avocados are ready to use in salads, guacamole and even smoothies.