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Actions and Targets

Actions and Targets

For each pillar of our plan we have defined a number of priority Targets and Actions. These Targets have been developed to apply to all our retail businesses across the Tesco Group, including Republic of Ireland, Central Europe and Asia. With the majority of our customers being in the UK, implementation will begin with the UK business operations. We will take learnings from the UK and consult with expert stakeholders within each of our international markets to develop appropriate plans and country specific timelines.


To support all of our colleagues to live healthier lives and help our customers make healthier food choices every time they shop with us

Action 1

Help colleagues look after their physical and mental well-being so they can be at their best at work and home

Action 2

To partner with leading health charities to align and amplify our collective expertise and help colleagues and customers make healthier choices

Action 3

To help increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables to encourage colleagues and customers and to adopt healthier eating habits and improve their diets

Action 4

To help remove cost barriers to healthy eating by ensuring that customers always pay the same price or less for the healthier version

Action 5

Every time we change the recipes across our own-label food and drink we always make them healthier as long as there is no impact on taste or quality

Action 6

To raise awareness and visibility of healthier choices