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At Tesco, we're focused on making it a little easier for our colleagues and customers to eat well and stay healthy.

Our Stores

Colleagues and customers tell us that even with the best intentions, eating more healthily can be difficult. In our stores, we've introduced a number of initiatives that help to overcome the barriers to healthier living.


Health Checks

Customers can receive free blood pressure checks and diabetes risk assessments at our in-store pharmacies. 

Free Fruit for Kids

We were the first retailer to provide free fruit for kids in our stores. To date, we have given away over 50m pieces of fruit since launching in July 2016.

Our Cafés

At Tesco Cafés we are increasing the salad and vegetable options on our menu, making it easier for customers to enjoy affordable, healthier meals when visiting our stores.

Sweets off checkouts

We have removed sweets and chocolates from our checkouts across all of our stores. Instead, we're placing fresh fruit near checkouts to make it easy for customers to find healthier snacks during their shopping trip.

Energy drinks

Since 2013, we have not have not marketed or promoted energy drinks to under-16s. As of 26 March 2018, we will be putting measures in place to ensure we prevent the sale of high caffeine energy drinks to children under-16 in the UK. This will include a till prompt for our colleagues to apply the 'think 25' policy, as well as ensuring colleagues receive the necessary training to support them with this.