Tesco Café changes to remove, reduce and recycle waste

Tesco Café changes to remove, reduce and recycle waste

Customers want Tesco to use less packaging and help them to recycle more at home. We also want to reduce plastic use throughout our business. We’re investing millions across the business as part of our commitment of making all our packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Our in-store cafés are going through a complete overhaul from the décor to the food and most importantly how sustainable they are. One of our biggest challenges is around how we reduce hot beverage single cup use.

Save money, save the planet

Single use takeaway cups are a mix of paper and plastic which makes them difficult to recycle. We’ve been working on a trial that encourages customers to bring their own reusable cup to our cafés. In doing so we’ll give them a discount of 10p off their beverage.

In the trial of nine cafés we saw a 71% reduction of disposable cup orders, so we’re rolling out the scheme to all our cafés. We’ll encourage customers to bring any reusable cup they wish. All ‘drink in’ hot beverages will continue to be served in a china cup. To further help in reducing single use cups a 10p charge will be added to all hot beverages served in a single use takeaway paper cup.

Removing plastic

This is the latest café addition to our commitment to remove, reduce and recycle. We’ve already removed all plastic stirrers and single use plastic side pots from our children’s meal deal offer. We’re working to remove all plastic straws and introduce paper by the end of the year. In 2019 we’ll ensure our Iced Beverage range is served in glassware as the first option.

The cafés improvements are part of our Little Helps Plan commitments:

Making all packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Ensuring that all paper and board used will be 100% sustainable by 2025.

Halving packaging weight by 2025 compared to 2007 levels.