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Actions and Targets

Actions and Targets

For each pillar of our plan we have defined a number of priority Targets and Actions. These Targets have been developed to apply to all our retail businesses across the Tesco Group, including Republic of Ireland, Central Europe and Asia. With the majority of our customers being in the UK, implementation will begin with the UK business operations. We will take learnings from the UK and consult with expert stakeholders within each of our international markets to develop appropriate plans and country specific timelines.


To help make sustainable products affordable and accessible for all

Action 1

Lead the industry in addressing the sustainability challenges in our supply chains starting with our most important products and ingredients 

Action 2

Build trusted partnerships with our suppliers

Action 3

Ensure international human rights standards are respected at all our suppliers’ sites

Action 4

Focus on the most serious risks to workers throughout our supply chains, working transparently with NGOs, unions and others to identify and address them

Action 5

Support sourcing communities facing complex social and environmental challenges

Action 6

Reduce supply chain carbon emissions by 7% by 2020

Action 7

Achieve zero net deforestation in our sourcing of raw materials by 2020

Action 8

Sustainably source all our wild fish

Action 9

Improve water and biodiversity impacts in key agricultural regions

Action 10

Treat all animals in our supply chain humanely at all life stages