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At Tesco we work in partnership with 15,000 suppliers and producers to offer great quality, healthy and sustainable products to our customers at affordable prices.

Modern Slavery

We are fully committed to playing our part in eradicating modern slavery and recognise the importance of transparency in driving collaborative action to address these risks. Our commitment is embedded in our Little Helps Plan. The Plan is about running the business in a way that makes a positive contribution to our colleagues, customers and communities. Our human rights strategy, which covers the most serious labour challenges to workers including forced labour, is central to the Plan’s ‘Products’ pillar.

The scale of our supply chains, upstream and downstream, gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives and their ability to fulfil their human rights. Building on our work of previous years, this year we have worked hard to target further the areas of greatest risk.

In our direct operations, priorities to ensure we are preventing any risks of forced labour have included car wash facilities and rolling out use of our responsible recruitment Charter in the UK for service providers. In our supply chains, focus areas have included agricultural supply chains in the Mediterranean which have a high use of migrant labour, and working to certify all our green coffee beans sold in the UK to help assure that the people who produce our coffee are free to lead decent lives. More broadly we have engaged in a number of multi-stakeholder improvement projects to tackle systemic issues across a number of other key supply chains.

Although the Modern Slavery Act is specific to the UK and our statement focuses on our UK retail business as our biggest market, our ambition and commitments extend across all our markets. We are working with our international businesses to take action on the areas we know are of highest risk of modern slavery.


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