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Our approach to reward See Policy
Inclusion See Policy
Healthy and Safety See Policy
Pensions See Policy
Usdaw Partnership See Policy


Products - Sourcing


Human Rights Policy See policy
Our approach to human rights in our supply chain See policy
Animal Welfare See policy
Certifications See policy
Multi-stakeholder Initiatives See policy
Genetic Modification (GM) See policy
Product Testing and Integrity See policy
Religious Slaughter See policy
Our Plan to Tackle Campylobacter See policy
Testing Regime Update See policy
Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group - Price History See policy
F&F Factories Download
UK Stores Modern Slavery Statement 2017/18 Download
UK Stores Modern Slavery Statement 2016/17 Download
Booker Modern Slavery Statement 2017 Download
Whistleblowing See policy
Beef See policy 
Seafood See policy 
Palm oil See policy 
Soy See policy
Timber See policy
Chemical Management – our DETOX progress Download


Products - Health


Alcohol                                                           See policy


Products - Packaging


Recycling in the UK                                                See policy 


Products - Food waste


No time for waste - summary sheet  Download here
How we calculate the food waste figure (UK)                  See Policy          
How we calculate the food waste figure (Central Europe)   See Policy
How we calculate the food waste figure (Republic of Ireland)  See Policy 
How Booker calculate the food waste figure (UK)  See Policy 
KPMG Independent Assurance Statement - Food Waste  Download here
Food waste data 2016/17 - Central Europe View here
Food waste data 2016/17 - Ireland View here


Places - Community


Community Champions                                                           Download here




Carbon Footprint KPMG Assurance Statement                                           Download here 
Recalculation Policy                                                                       See Policy 
Our Carbon Footprint - Methodology  See Policy
Energy Efficiency - Stores and Distribution  See policy
Anti- bribery  See policy 
Code of Business Conduct See policy 
Information and Cyber Security  See policy
Data Privacy Privacy Centre
Political Donations                                                                                              See policy
Tax Principles See policy
Responsible retailing   See policy




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