Our Healthy Little Differences Tracker

Why we are developing it

One of our ambitions is to improve health and encourage colleagues and customers to live healthier lives. To measure our progress against this ambition we have developed our Healthy Little Differences tracker.

What it will do

The tracker measures the nutritional profile of what we sell, based on the food and drink that our customers buy from Tesco. As well as enabling us to check progress, the tracker provides us with valuable insight into where we need to focus plans by giving us greater understanding of customer purchasing behaviour.

How we will do it

Every food and drink product sold in a Tesco store has been scored based on the UK Government’s nutrient profiling model – this is the same model used by OFCOM in the UK to judge whether a product can have advertising aimed at children.

The model provides negative (-) points for fibre, protein and fruit & vegetable content and positive (+) points for calories, saturated fat, sugar and salt. Therefore, the lower the score is, the healthier the product.

We combine this scoring system with our Clubcard data to understand the overall healthiness of the shopping our customers do with us and set ourselves targets to improve it.

How we will make it better

The improvements will be driven through a combination of all our health plans, which include:

  • Our reformulation work to improve the healthiness of Tesco products.
  • Providing help and inspiration to make it easier to shop more healthily.
  • Advice for customers to help and encourage them to make healthier choices.