Britain's Jubilee party set to be bigger than the Millennium

Britain is getting ready for the biggest celebration since the Millennium with sales of street party products in massive demand.

Britain is getting ready for the biggest celebration since the Millennium with sales of street party products in massive demand.

Royal Masks

While most of the fresh food items are likely to be made later this week canny Tesco shoppers have already been getting in early to buy party essentials such as bunting, paper plates, flags and Royal face masks.

The fastest selling party item at the supermarket in the last week has been waving flags and by the end of the Jubilee weekend Tesco expects to have sold 2.86 million of them.

That, according to the latest census, is enough for 40 per cent of the population of London, or for one each for the total population of the next five biggest cities in England (Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol).

Other party sales are as follows:

  • 75,600 Queen masks and 453,600 Royal Family masks in total
  • 93,000 paper crowns and tiaras
  • 1500 miles of bunting – enough to stretch from London to our Commonwealth neighours Canada
  • Enough face paint to paint 1 million children’s faces
  • 400,000  Jubilee mugs

Tesco party range buyer Matt Compton said: “This is the biggest week we have had since the Millennium in terms of party sales with demand far exceeding sales last year’s Royal Wedding and we haven’t even reached the weekend yet.

“So many, many people are joining in the fun one way or another, whether it is decorating their homes and gardens with bunting or donning a mask of a member of the Royal Family.

Anything with a Union Jack on it is selling like hot cakes and on our disposable tableware range we have seen an incredible 300 per cent rise in sales on a regular week. And Union Jack cushions are another big seller with nearly 30,000 sold in the last two weeks alone.”

Over the weekend Tesco expects to sell:

  • 25 million bottles/cans of beer
  • 3 million bottles of wine
  • 200,000 bottles of champagne
  • 850,000  party food platters
  • 1.6 million sausage rolls
  • 1.7 million pork pies
  • 1 million Scotch eggs
  • 1 million quiches
  • 2 million punnets of strawberries
  • 850,000 tubs of ice cream
  • 7.2 million ice lollies

Tesco food developers have also been hard at work coming up with original treats specially created for the Jubilee including a series of cup cakes inspired by some of our favourite biscuits including a bourbon, custard cream and  jam splatter. These sell for £2 each.

There is also a range of unusual limited edition sandwiches celebrating iconic British foods including a Yorkshire pudding and Scotch egg sarnie plus an afternoon tea sandwich collection complete with cream scone.

In London, sandwich fans will be able to buy a limited edition set of special sandwiches inspired by well known areas. These will be sold in distinctive packaging depicting famous London icons such as a red telephone box, double decker bus, black cab and tube train.

To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee Tesco has produced two special TV adverts. Both have been filmed in black and white and are set in the 1950s but promote current Jubilee offers. 


Notes to Editors:

Photos/copies of our TV adverts, British range sandwiches, Union Jack cushion, face painting kit  and Royal masks are available on request.


For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645

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