Fruit flavoured cider becomes UK's fastest growing tipple

Fruit flavoured ciders have become so popular that they are now the UK’s fastest growing alcoholic drinks.

Fruit flavoured ciders have become so popular that they are now the UK’s fastest growing alcoholic drinks.

Since being launched in the UK three years ago fruit ciders such as elderflower and lime; berry fruits and now even exotic Cloudberry from Scandinavia have grown not only in popularity but also in number with around 30 different varieties currently available.

In the last year off-trade sales of fruit ciders have soared by 80 per cent to create a market worth £113 million a year, according to retail analysts AC Nielsen (September 2012).

Three years ago Tesco was one of the first major retailers to start selling fruit ciders and initially sold six different varieties.

So strong is the demand that the supermarket now sells an incredible 27 different varieties.

Tesco cider buyer Kathryn Clarke said: “The re-invention of cider as a fruit-flavoured tipple with increasingly exotic varieties has quickly captured the attention of UK drinkers.

“Instead of being a drink that appealed mainly to middle-aged male drinkers cider is now seen as a tipple that has broadened its appeal to a younger audience of both men and women.

“Fruit ciders have what is known in the drinks business as a real ‘shareability ‘ factor – that is that they as popular with men as they are with women and that is their great appeal.”

The arrival of pear and fruit ciders in the mid-2000s has more than doubled the value of the UK cider market in just four years to be worth £873 million (AC Nielsen September 2012).

According to a report by retail analysts Mintel in 2012 cider now has a strong appeal to women. It states that flavour innovation has been vital in the continued growth of the cider market and keeping it relevant to younger consumers and women.

Kathryn Clarke added: “Cider has enjoyed the fastest growth out of any tipple in the UK’s beer, wine and spirits industry for decades. Now because of the huge and growing interest in these fruit ciders, it looks as if the trend will continue for some time.”

Tesco works with suppliers to produce exclusive varieties and last week launched Kopparberg’s new Cloudberry cider. Last year it launched Bulmers 17, a mix of red berries and lime.


Note to editors:

Britain’s new found love for cider came about in the mid-2000s after a marketing campaign by Irish brewers Magners which re-invented cider as a thirst-quenching drink to be poured over ice.

The campaign created a halo effect for the entire industry and cider suddenly became one of the UK’s most popular drinks both in pubs as well as at retail level.

A few years later Swedish company Kopparberg introduced its pear cider to the UK which led other brewers to follow suit. In 2009 it introduced a range of fruit flavoured ciders

Tesco’s range of fruit ciders is as follows:

  • Jacques Fruit Cider
  • Jacques Orchard Fruit
  • Kopparberg Mixed Fruits
  • Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime
  • Kopparberg Raspberry
  • Kopparberg Strawberry/Lime
  • Kopparberg Cloudberry
  • Gaymers Pear  with Cherry and Apple
  • Gaymers Pear with Berry  Fruits
  • Gaymers Pear with Raspberry
  • Brothers Tutti Fruti Pear
  • Brothers Ginger
  • Brothers Toffee Apple
  • Brothers Strawberry Pear
  • Cornish Scrumpy Berry Rattler
  • Old Moors Elderflower
  • Magners Berry
  • Magners Special Spiced Apple And Rhubarb
  • Magners Special Spear and Ginger
  • Magners Special Spiced Apple and Honey
  • Mays Blackcurrant Cider
  • Merrydown Cider And Black
  • Rekorderlig Peach And Apricot
  • Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime
  • Rekorderlig Wild Berries
  • Lambrini Cider Orchard Fruits
  • Lambrini Cider Summer Fruits

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