Miserable weather sends sales of winter fare and rainwear soaring

The wettest April in living memory has created a huge demand for typical winter warming foods plus of course rainwear.

The wettest April in living memory has created a huge demand for typical winter warming foods plus of course rainwear. 

Instead of the salads, BBQ foods and picnic fare Brits were buying during last spring's mini heatwave shoppers are now stocking up on pies, soup, ready meals, root vegetables, and desserts more suited to cold winter days.

And while most of us would prefer to be sipping a nice cool drink as we bask in the sun, bowls of soup and mugs of hot chocolate are more the order of the day right now.

The following winter foods which normally don’t sell well in the traditionally warmer months have been in great demand at Tesco this week. All sales compared to the same week last year. 

·               Fresh soup - sales up 150 per cent

·               Curry ready meals  – up 44 per cent

·               Hot pies – up 30 per cent

·               Puddings –  up 40 per cent

·               Hot chocolate – up 26 per cent

·               Parsnips – up 22 per cent

·               Onions – up 31 per cent

·               Swedes – up 37 per cent

·               Wellingtons – up 418 per cent

·               Umbrellas – up  646 per cent

Now with the forecast of a further downpours about to batter Britain Tesco is ordering extra supplies to cater for the expected further high demand.

Tesco chilled foods customer manager Karen Poole said: “This time last year we were out in our gardens enjoying salads, BBQ food and lighter summer fare but the miserable weather has had shoppers stocking up on the kind of food they would normally buy in mid-winter.

“While the weather is grim there’s nothing like a heart-warming plate of pie and mash or a bowl of apple crumble and custard to put a smile back on our faces.

“Shoppers have also been stocking up on vegetables for stews, with carrots, parsnips, onions and Swedes the best sellers."

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