Tesco celebrates best of British with Love British Food 2012

With the eyes of the world now firmly on the UK, Tesco is gearing up for what promises to be a two week celebration of all things British by supporting Love British Food 2012.

With the eyes of the world now firmly on the UK, Tesco is gearing up for what promises to be a two week celebration of all things British by supporting Love British Food 2012.

Over the next fortnight, shoppers will see special promotions in Tesco stores that will make it easy for them to spot and buy the best of British, with many British products sporting a Union Jack design.

And for those who want to buy local British foods, it’s never been easier. With over 4,000 local produce lines in store across the country and a network of 500 local suppliers, Tesco is proud to be the biggest retailer of locally sourced foods in the country, and British agriculture’s biggest customer.

Sales of local and regional food at Tesco soared to over £1billion for 2011/12 and well over half of Tesco customers are now buying more local food than they were five years ago.

Sarah Mackie, Head of Local Sourcing said:

“The popularity of British foods, and in particular local foods continues to grow. We’re proud to be the leading retailer for local foods, and we’re really pleased to be supporting Love British Food 2012. We have 5 regional buying offices across the UK and we work to ensure we have the right local products in our stores for our customers to enjoy.”

Tesco’s dedicated regional offices in Scotland, Wales, North & East of England, South of England and Northern Ireland have been busy searching the country for the very best on offer.

Some of the great British produce shoppers can find in Tesco stores during the Love British Food 2012 fortnight include:

  • Five varieties of heritage British plums, grown exclusively for Tesco in Kent and Herefordshire. We work closely with local suppliers to make sure the fruit is left on the tree a little bit longer, to ensure the juiciest plum possible;


  • We’re harvesting British carrots every day throughout the summer. We grow carrots in 15 counties of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland – these are packed in the field for best freshness and appear in our stores within two days.


  • One of the success stories of the summer has been the British cherry industry which has rebounded from poor sales ten years ago to producing 2,000 tonnes of the fruit during this year’s eight-week UK season. As a result of this high demand, Tesco has been working closely with growers around the country and encouraging them to plant more trees and produce more of shoppers’ favourite varieties.


  • British strawberries have also been flying out of stores. Over the last three weeks, Tesco has sold a record nine million punnets of the summer fruit.


  • We’ve recently launched a Fresher for Longer range of herbs in some of our stores – 100 per cent British grown and featuring a ‘roots on’ format, the range offers maximum freshness and convenience for our customers. Developed by British herb grower VHB Herbs in partnership with the nursery Madestein UK, the herbs are harvested with the roots intact and deliver fantastic quality while helping customers reduce waste.




Notes to Editors:

About Tesco and Love British Food 2012:

Tesco will be running in store promotions throughout Love British Food 2012, making it even easier for all of our customers to buy fresh British produce.

Our customers will also be able to pick up some fantastic recipes which use some of our best British produce, including roast chicken breast with beetroot, roasted plums with amaretti and vanilla ice cream, and yoghurt panacotta with a red berry compote.

Tesco in store cafes have been offering a £5 meal deal promotion for several months using only the best British ingredients. Since the meal deal launch, sales have doubled and continue to grow.

To find out more about what we’re doing to support Love British Food 2012 visit our website:

More on Love British Food 2012 and British Food Fortnight:

British Food fortnight is the biggest national celebration of British food.  Thousands of foodie activities have taken place under its umbrella over the last ten years; retailers report sales increases of 34% - 50% as a result; a 300% sales increase has been reported in the catering sector; school meals are up 20 - 50% in participating schools; and the largest volunteer movement educating people about food has been founded, led by the BBC’s Hairy Bikers.  The Royal Family, Harrods, the BBC’s Hairy Bikers, Wembley Stadium, Downing Street and The Archers are just a few of the famous names that have taken part alongside thousands of shops, pubs and restaurants that support the event every year. 

This year, British Food Fortnight which traditionally takes place during the autumn, will run under the name ‘Love British Food 2012’ from 27 July to 12 August 2012. 

For further information about activities taking place during Love British Food 2012, please contact Alexia Robinson:

More on the Fresher For Longer herb range:

The Fresher For Longer range has been launched in selected Tesco stores and consists of four types of herbs: basil, coriander, flat leaf parsley and dill. The herbs are harvested with the root plug intact, providing a fresh herb ready to cut. The herbs can be kept in the pack with tap water added to the roots and the packaging is 100 per cent home recyclable.

For further information on the Fresher For Longer range, please contact Edie Barton-Harvey or Megan D’Arcy in the VHB Herbs press office: 01189 475 956 or



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