Tesco revamps its meat, fish and poultry offer

Tesco has unveiled a multi-million pound revamp of its meat, fish and poultry offer, with improvements to the quality, range and in-store display.

Tesco has unveiled a multi-million pound revamp of its meat, fish and poultry offer, with improvements to the quality, range and in-store display. 

Part of Tesco’s £1bn investment programme to improve the shopping experience for customers, this re-launch builds on the recent success of our new artisan bakeries and re-branded Everyday Value range.

Quality improvements across beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish, sausages, bacon, burgers and meatballs can now be seen in all Tesco stores, with changes to the look and feel of packaging to follow in the coming weeks. 

Quality improvements include:

  • our Finest beef steaks and joints are matured for 28 days and our Tesco brand range for 21 days
  • all Finest chicken is free range corn fed
  • more meat in our burgers and meatballs.

Drawing on these quality and sourcing messages in new signage, the meat, fish and poultry aisle in Extras, Superstores and Metros has been refreshed to improve the shopping experience for customers.  

From conversations with our customers we know that most people follow standard recipe requirements, and to reflect this we have standardised our pack sizes.  For example, beef mince is now set at 250g, 500g and 750g and chicken fillets will now always be in two, four and six portion packs.

And to ensure these quality improvements are consistent Tesco has invested in recruiting and training more colleagues.  We have 45 new Quality Assurance Managers at our depots committed to checking the quality of all meat, fish and poultry before it leaves for stores, where we have re-trained 1,600 colleagues in how to maintain quality on the shelf.

Tesco’s Meat, Fish and Poultry Director Derek Lawlor said:

“Because getting a great steak for Friday night’s dinner and the right bacon for Sunday morning’s fry-up really matters, we want to make sure that our customers can count on us for excellent quality products at a good price.  Customers have told us that meat, fish and poultry are really important items on their weekly shopping lists, so we’ve worked hard to refresh our range and improve the shopping experience in store.”

Customers have responded well to Tesco’s other recent range revamps.  Since the re-launch of Everyday Value nearly 80% of our customers have bought a product from the range.  Tesco has seen strong performance from our new bread offer and there has been positive feedback on our upgraded ready meals range, which features 20 per cent more meat and higher quality sauces.  All range improvements come at no extra cost to the customer.


Tesco colleague walking along meat aisle

Notes to Editors

Improvements to Tesco’s meat, fish and poultry range include:

  • Improving quality of beef steaks and joint maturity with Tesco own brand moving to 21 days and Finest to 28 days.
  • All bacon is extra trimmed to reduce fat, and we’re also reducing the fat content of our lamb mince.
  • All Finest chicken is free range corn fed, with improved welfare standard across our Tesco brand range.
  • Improving the crumb coatings of breaded fish and fish cakes
  • Increased meat content in all standard own brand plain burgers and meatballs, moving from 86 to 90%.
  • All Finest unflavoured burgers and meatballs are Aberdeen Angus.
  • All Tesco own brand sausages are 100% British.
  • Pack sizes have been simplified following customer feedback – e.g. beef mince is set at 250g, 500g and 750g and chicken fillets will now always be in two four and six portion packs so that customers can buy the right products for their recipes.


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