Turning the heat on for crisp lovers – with the addition of a sachet of chilli!

One of Britain’s most loved and iconic food innovations – crisps with an added sachet of salt – has been given a fiery modern day makeover.

One of Britain’s most loved and iconic food innovations – crisps with an added sachet of salt – has been given a fiery modern day makeover.

Crisp lovers will now be able to buy a new variety of crisps with an added condiment bag – of scorching jalapeno chilli pepper seasoning.

The crisps, made exclusively for Tesco and called Finest Hand Cooked Hot Jalapeno Chilli, will be launched at more than 400 branches of the supermarket chain.

Tesco crisp buyer Lee Bannerman said: “Putting a small sachet of salt in a bag of plain crisps was a brilliant idea when it was launched in the 1920s that is still really popular today.

“However, our tastes have changed since then as a result of the different spicy cuisines that are now popular in Britain such as Indian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican.

“Sweet chilli flavoured crisps have been around for more than 10 years but we believe that Customers are now ready for something hotter. The good thing about these crisps is that you can completely control just how hot you want to make them, depending on how much you use.”

The premium hand cut crisp market has developed into a business worth an annual £230 million since launching in Britain about 10 years ago.

Last year Tesco launched its first own label gourmet crisp range called The Restaurant Collection. These included a notable first –  the first ever crisps matched with wine.

The matching was done by Tesco wine developer Laura Jewell, who is one of the elite group of wine experts, Masters Of Wine.

She suggested matching Tesco’s Lamb Shank flavoured crisps with Cotes du Rhone Villages Plein des dieux; and Four Cheese Soufle crisps with a Finest Chablis.

Other crisp flavours brought out by Tesco in the last year include:

  • Hoison duck
  • Goats cheese and sticky chilli jam
  • Honey Roast Ham
  • Sweet Chilli

Tesco Finest Hand Cooked Hot Jalapeno Chilli crisps will cost £1.39 per 150g  packet.


Note to editors:

The original Salt ‘n’ Shake crisps were created by Frank Smith and were first sold in pubs in Cricklewood, north London in the 1920s. He provided salt cellars with the crisps but because they were being emptied so quickly he decided to add a small blue sachet of salt to the packets.

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