Tesco recreate 1960's store as F&F and Euphorium make their Goodwood debuts

This year Tesco, who are a major sponsor of Goodwood Revival weekend are going all out to give customers the most immersive retro experience to date.

This year Tesco, who are a major sponsor of Goodwood Revival weekend are going all out to give customers the most immersive retro experience to date. Tesco will recreate a 1960’s store stocked with authentic products; showcase a lovingly restored 1950s Tesco delivery van as well as selling specially produced retro toys and games. The delivery van was recently seen touring central London before delivering toys to Great Ormond Street Hospital’s on site school.

Goodwood revival

For the first time ever F&F will also be setting up shop at Goodwood launching their new vintage inspired Duchess range. At the event, F&F will have an exclusive marquee staffed by a team of buyers and designers who will be showing some of F&F’s catwalk ranges and giving styling advice.  Customers will be able take advantage of styling tips as they try and buy, as well as talk to the team about the range and its inspiration.

Goodwood Van

Euphorium bakery will also be making their first appearance at Goodwood offering retro revelers a range of sweet treats. They’ll be offering fresh samples and have created an exclusive Goodwood éclair, which was popular at the time, to mark the occasion.

The main Tesco store will sell much loved products such as Treets, Marathon bars, Opal Fruits, Tunnocks’ tea cakes and traditional cream soda which have been specially remade and will be available to buy in their 60s-style branding. Tesco has also worked with independent toy supplier House of Marbles to offer customers authentic toys and games from the era.

Tesco will be providing those camping at the Millsfield campsite the chance to Click & Collect their grocery shopping over the weekend, picking up their order from one of two specially designed delivery vans.

For those not able to make it to Goodwood they can still take a stroll down the aisles, by using Google Places to take a virtual tour of the store and see vintage products displayed on shelves exactly as they were fifty years ago.

Adam Kirk, Senior Marketing Manager at Tesco said: “We’ve really gone all out this year. We’ve got a great history and lots to draw on so we love recreating our 1960’s store, and it’s been great getting other brands involved too. We know that visitors and customers love visiting our shop and it’s great to see how nostalgic people feel when they see the old Tesco logo above the shop door. It’s a real feel good event and we can’t wait to welcome customers into our store.’


Goodwood revival

Kevin Doherty who joined Tesco in 1961 gives a firsthand account of his time at Tesco, how the business has changed and his memories of our founder Jack Cohen in this film.

Notes to editors:

  • The virtual 60s store tour can be viewed here.
  • Goodwood Revival takes place at the Goodwood Estate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PX on 12-14 September.
  • Tesco will also offer a retro toyshop and  have worked with independent toy maker House of Marbles and classic toy maker Hornby to create unique remakes of classic toys, using the original casts and artwork.
  • The Tesco retro store is 1,700sqft – slightly smaller in size than a current Express store.
  • It will be open to all Goodwood Revival visitors between 7.30 am and 7.30 pm during the festival.
  • Retro products for purchase include, but are not limited to:
    • Cadbury Dairy Milk bar
    • Cadbury picnic bar
    • Cadbury box roses
    • Marathon bar
    • Treets
    • Maltesers
    • Mars bar
    • Twix bar
    • Galaxy bar
    • Smiths Salt n Shake crisps
    • Quavers crisps
    • Smith Salt and Vinegar crisps
    • Smiths cheese and Onion crisps
    • Smiths Ready Salted Crisps
    • Kit Kat 2 finger
    • Loveheart sweets
    • Parma Violet sweets
    • Tunnocks tea cakes
    • Tunnocks Caramel wafers
    • Milk Roll loaf
    • Double Diamond beer
    • Soft whip ice cream cones
    • Vaseline lip gloss
    • Brut Aftershave
  • Click & Collect Groceries orders can be placed ahead of the event by going to Each evening from Thursday to Saturday, customers will be able to collect their order for free, from 7pm-10pm from a van conveniently located at the north entrance of the Millsfield Campsite.

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645

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