Tesco recommits to famous 'Every Little Helps' tagline in major new ad campaign

Tesco will mark its return to TV advertising this weekend with a major new campaign focusing on helping customers.



Tesco will mark its return to TV advertising this weekend with a major new campaign focusing on helping customers. The campaign will also firmly re-establish Tesco’s famous ‘Every Little Helps’ sign-off by putting the many different ways it helps customers at the heart of its advertising.

The first two adverts, which will hit TV screens for the first time on Sunday night, will follow a new Tesco family as they go about their regular shop.

Ruth Jones, star of TV hits Stella and Gavin and Stacey will play Mum, Jo, while star of The Armstrong and Miller Show, Ben Miller will play Dad, Roger. Up-and-coming actor, Will Close, will play their son, Freddie.

The campaign launch is timed to follow the improvements Tesco has put in place over the last year to help make the shopping trip easier for customers, including improvements in customer service, availability and lowering the prices on many of the everyday, own label and branded products customers rely on.

The first of the two adverts will focus on Tesco’s recently-launched Brand Guarantee, the UK’s first price comparison scheme to offer an immediate price match at the till.

The second advert will re-commit Tesco to its much-loved ‘one-in-front’ customer promise. Tesco aims to open a new checkout for customers if more than one customer is queuing in front of them.

Michelle McEttrick, Group Brand Director at Tesco said:

“For the last year we’ve been putting customers right back at the heart of everything we do, from improvements in customer service, to launching our new Brand Guarantee. So this new campaign presented us with the ideal opportunity to showcase some of those ‘little helps’ we aim to provide customers with each day.

“Tesco has always been at its best when putting customers first and we hope the new campaign demonstrates our efforts to serve customers a little better every day. We’re really excited to hear what our customers and colleagues think of the new campaign.”

Ruth Jones, who plays Mum, Jo in the adverts said:

“Filming the ads was a real laugh. I loved the scripts and working with Ben and Will - I think we make a nice family!  My character Jo likes to think she's the sensible one but actually she's a party girl at heart and she likes the good things in life."

The adverts were filmed in Tesco’s newest store in Newmarket. The campaign represents the first major TV advertising campaign by Tesco’s creative agency BBH.



Notes to editors

Ruth Jones plays Jo, the Mum.

She is a Headmistress and she can be quite the authoritative figure of the family, although she has been known to be a little indecisive. Which her husband and son love to take the mickey out of. They almost encourage it. She’s often the one left most pleasantly surprised by Tesco’s helpfulness.

Ruth, 48, has appeared in Stella, Gavin and Stacey, Little Dorrit, Saxondale, Little Britain

Ben Miller plays Dad, Roger.

He is a sharp, quick witted, funny guy. He adores his wife, she is his moon and stars. He is often the calming influence when she gets on her high horse about certain things. He finds it highly amusing when she does. He has a good bond with his son, although his son’s relaxed attitude and questionable intellect can often leave him baffled.

Ben, 49, has appeared in Ballot Monkeys, Death in Paradise, Primeval, The Armstrong and Miller Show.

Will Close plays their son, ‘Freddie’.

He is basically a 10 year old trapped inside a 21 year old’s body. Totally loveable, but utterly naive and unaware of how the world really works. Much to his mum and dad’s constant dismay. He is typical of today’s ‘Boomerang’ kids – the ever increasing 25% of 20 to 34 year olds living with their parents in Britain today.

He’s ‘in between jobs’ at the moment. Roughly translated, he’s living at home and making regular withdrawals from the bank of mum and dad. His main ambition is to go out every weekend, hang out with his mates, and see lots of different girls. Freddie is the ‘funny man’ in this family dynamic. Loveable. Mischievous. Exaggerated, and absolutely hilarious. He loves Tesco – but he puts them through their paces!

Will, 23, has appeared in Mixed Doubles (comedy sketch), Golem (at the Young Vic), Sketchorama and Pick of the Week (both BBC Radio 4).

Director Daniel Kleinman

One of the UK’s best comedy directors, Danny Kleinman is recognised as one of advertising’s most established directors. He has won the top awards for his advertising work at Cannes, D&AD, the New York One Show, British Arrows, Clio, Creative Circle, Midsummer Awards and many others. The Gunn Report acknowledged him as the Most Awarded Director in the world and he has received the President’s Award from Creative Circle and the Chairman’s Award at the British Arrows. He’s also topped the Campaign, Shots and Televisual’s lists of hottest directors and in Adweek, was voted US Commercial Director of the decade. He has not only created ads needing complex special effects for clients such as Guinness, X-Box, Chrysler, Johnnie Walker, Sony and Audi but his ability to also direct comedy and dialogue has led to work for Boddingtons, John Smiths, Super Noodles, Durex and John West.

Daniel has also directed TV drama and comedies notably Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’s “Smashie and Nicey-The End Of An Era”, which was BAFTA nominated and won the rose at Montreux. He has also taken over the mantle from Maurice Binder, creating 6 of the last 7 films title sequences for the James Bond films.


Creative credits for the films: 

Client name and title: 

Michelle McEttrick, Tesco Group Brand Director

Alex Brittain, Tesco Brand Director 

Nick Jackman, Head of Brand Campaigns at Tesco

BBH Creative Team: George Brettell, AK Parker, Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke

BBH Deputy Executive Creative Director: Caroline Pay

BBH Strategy Director: Lilli English

BBH Business Lead: Helen James

BBH Account Director: Cressida Holmes-Smith

BBH Account Manager: Rishi Patel

BBH Producer: Kristin Armstrong

BBH Assistant Producer: Alice Straker

Production Company: Rattling Stick

Director: Daniel Kleinman

Executive Producer: Johnnie Frankel

Producer: Johnnie Frankel

DoP: John de Borman

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Julian Tranquille/Cut and Run

Sound: Phil Bolland/Factory

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645



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