Imprinted roses with messages of love, means you can now really say it with flowers

Romantics will really be able to ‘say it with flowers’ this Valentine’s Day thanks to printed roses which go on sale on Thursday. The single red roses, which will be sold exclusively by Tesco for £2.50 each, will each have the words ‘I love you’ printed in white ink on one petal.


Tesco flower buying manager Harriet Turnbull said:

“We want to help those customers who struggle to tell their loved ones how they truly feel.

“With ‘I love you’ printed on the petal of the rose, you can really say it with flowers.

“Flowers with printed messages are already very popular in Europe and America so this is a trial for us to see how well they go down with UK shoppers.”

Each of the roses is printed individually and the lettering is applied with tiny air pressured, paint dipped sponge which prints the message on the rose head.

The ‘I Love You’ rose will be on sale in 170 Tesco stores across the UK.


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