Tesco’s Christmas in numbers

Friday 23 December will be Tesco’s busiest day of the year with over 10 million customers visiting its stores across the UK. At the busiest point during this day Tesco will serve around 15,000 customers per minute.

  • Tesco will sell around a third of its Christmas turkeys this Friday – that’s nearly 200,000 customers buying their turkey crowns and birds in one day! Over 10 million pigs in blankets will also be sold to accompany these turkeys.
  • Customers are expected to buy 40 million Brussels sprouts this Thursday and Friday. That’s 800,000kg of the nation’s most controversial vegetable.
  • Tesco will also sell around 3.5 million packs of carrots - that’s 27million carrots! If these were to be placed in a line it would stretch 11 times around the world.
  • Across the entire Christmas week Tesco will deliver approximately 53 million cases of groceries to its stores, that’s around 90 cases per second 24 hours a day. On Thursday Tesco will deliver grocery volumes into stores which would fill the Royal Albert Hall 2.5 times over.
  • Across the Christmas week a vehicle will be dispatched from one of Tesco’s distribution centres approximately every 15 seconds.

 Matt Davies, Tesco UK CEO, said:

We all know what a busy time Christmas can be and that’s why we have brought in an extra 15,000 festive colleagues to help customers in any way they can. Whether customers are ordering online or visiting one of our stores they can be reassured that our colleagues are working hard to ensure they get everything they need in order to be ready for the big day!”  


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