Tesco launch ‘perfect tasting' non-alcoholic wines

It may be ‘Dry January’ but now help is at hand for all those craving a glass of wine but who don’t want to break their ‘no alcohol’ New Year’s resolution.

Tesco has launched two sparkling non-alcoholic wines that it considers to be the nearest in taste to their alcoholic counterparts.

The wines are made from South African Pinotage Blush and Chenin Blanc grapes which have been fermented until just before the point that they turn alcoholic.

Tesco drinks buyer Tauseef Parkar said:

“There are plenty of non-alcoholic wines out there but we believe that these new drinks, which have been developed for us, will offer those drinkers wishing to avoid alcohol the closest taste to a real glass of wine.

“Both drinks are deliciously light and refreshing, bursting with summer flavours and have been created as a non-alcoholic match for Prosecco and Prosecco Blush.

“They are also designed to look like elegant bottles of sparkling wine, rather than fruity flavoured soft drinks – something that would create a ‘wow’ factor rather than embarrassment if brought along to a party.”

The two drinks – Alcohol Free Pinotage Blush and Alcohol Free Chenin Blanc Sparkling – go on sale tomorrow at more than 760 Tesco stores across the UK and cost £2.75 each.  They can be found in the soft drinks aisle.

Tauseef Parkar added:

“Essentially they are great tasting quality non-alcoholic wines, meaning customers can be assured they won’t lose out on taste."


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