Flippin’ heck – time-pressed shoppers opt for ‘ready-mix’ pancakes

There’s been a huge rise in customers stepping away from the ancient tradition of making pancakes from scratch on Shrove Tuesday – as more and more opt for ready-made mixes instead.

Over the last two years demand for ready-made mixes on Pancake Day has nearly doubled, with almost 850,000 mixes sold at Tesco last year, as customers feel more pressed for time.

This year Tesco calculates that customers will make more than five million pancakes using the ready-made mixes.

Tesco homebaking buying manager Lauren Milne said:

“Pancake making can be a time-consuming process and a growing number of savvy, time-restricted customers now realise that it is far easier to get a ready-made mix in a shaker and just add water.

“While it may not be as much fun it helps take the stress out of the occasion and is very convenient too.”

As far as toppings go Pancake Day sales at Tesco last year reveal that lemon juice is still the favourite.

The top 5 toppings bought last Pancake Day at Tesco were as follows:

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Nutella
  3. Maple syrup
  4. Strawberry syrup
  5. Honey


Note to editors 

A brief history of Pancake Day

It’s all a far cry from the Middle Ages when the ceremony of pancake making is believed to have started - as a prelude to the religious festival of Lent when people fasted for 40 days.

In order to clear the larder of perishable foods, items such as eggs and milk were used to create one last rich meal before the fast began and making pancakes were an easy and quick way of using up these perishable goods.

In other countries the day became known as Fat Tuesday because of the nature of the rich food that was eaten then.

In French, Fat Tuesday translates as Mardi Gras which is the name for the best known celebration of this day taking place in New Orleans.

Pancakes themselves feature in recipes as far back as 1439 while the earliest mention of a pancake race dates back to 1445, at Olney in Buckinghamshire.


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