Tesco tackle period plastic with launch of organic and reusable femcare range TOTM in UK supermarket exclusive

Tesco will be the first UK supermarket to exclusively offer the organic and reusable femcare range - Time Of The Month (TOTM).

Customers are increasingly worried about the environmental impact femcare products have because of the chemicals they contain and the amount of plastic they use. It can take 450+ years for plastic filled sanitary products to decompose. Whilst many consumers are aware that applicators are made from plastic, not many realise that sanitary pads are made almost entirely from plastic. Tesco is launching TOTM products in its stores in order to offer customers an organic alternative that is kind to the body and the environment.

TOTM use non-GM organic cotton in their tampons, pads and liners and eco-alternatives such as biofilm wrappers and biodegradable applicators. Their range is cruelty-free and registered with The Vegan Society. TOTM organic cotton tampons, pads and liners will be available in Tesco from Monday 22 October.

“Since launching the brand we’ve been on a mission to tackle taboos and challenge the industry. We’re excited about this exclusive partnership with Tesco and see this as an opportunity for more women to switch to organic and eco-friendly alternatives. Not only can Tesco customers reduce plastic by switching to products in our range, they can also feel reassured by knowing these products have been designed to be kinder to their bodies.” said St.John Burke, TOTM founder. 

The average user throws away up to 150kg of tampons, pads and applicators in their lifetime, much of which is plastic. Applicators are predominantly plastic and well-known branded pads have been found to contain around 90% plastic. Much of this waste ends up in landfill or in the oceans. By switching to TOTM, customers have the opportunity to prevent this plastic waste altogether.

This innovative range includes five TOTM products; a pad, liner, two applicator tampons in different absorbencies and a menstrual cup. All of which are eco-friendly alternatives.  TOTM’s products avoid the use of plastic wherever possible (the cup is re-useable & recyclable) and all packaging is naturally derived. 

This organic feminine care range is a supermarket exclusive for Tesco. TOTM have innovative products and their strong marketing approach, 'be kinder to your vagina', is refreshing and empowering. We're excited to launch TOTM and build a partnership that continues to pioneer change and conversation in this industry.“ said Ceitidh Taylor, Tesco Femcare Buyer. 

By launching TOTM, Tesco are not only tackling period plastic but giving customers access to products which are a caring alternative, free from harsh chemicals.  With each purchase by Tesco customers, TOTM will make a donation to Endometriosis UK. This will help raise awareness and improve the lives of women living with this condition.

“It is great that Tesco is taking a step in the right direction by supplying TOTM's range of eco-friendly period products across stores nationwide. This is incredibly important because it raises awareness of the environmental issues and gives customers access to a much-needed choice that benefits all.” said Ella Daish, Eco campaigner.

This is the latest product Tesco is bringing to customers to help reduce single use plastics. Overall, over 83% of the packaging on all our own brand products is recyclable depending on if the local authority collect it. As part of our Little Helps plan, we’ve made the following commitments:

  • Making all packaging fully recyclable or compostable by 2025.
  • Ensuring that all paper and board used will be 100% sustainable by 2025.
  • Halving packaging weight by 2025 compared to 2007 levels.



In Europe, organic sanitary protection usage is estimated at 10% and growing.

200,000 tonnes of sanitary products are sent to landfill every year.

Most high-street tampons are made from a blend of GM Cotton, rayon, and potentially harmful chemical additives.

TOTM tampons, pads and liners are all made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

The TOTM menstrual cup is reusable and recyclable.

TOTM tampons, pads and liners are made with GOTS certified organic cotton which means 0% plastic against your skin.


Tesco will launch five products; a towel, liner, two tampons and a menstrual cup, and will stock this brand with exclusivity in our supermarkets for 12 months.

Tesco were the first retailer to cover the cost of VAT on sanitary products. In 2017 we made a five per cent reduction in price to cover the cost of the so-called ‘Tampon Tax’ or VAT on all our own-brand and branded sanitary products.

Tesco are signatories of the UK Plastics Pact which brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain. Members and partners are at the forefront of generating a fundamental change in the way we design, produce, use, re-use, dispose and reprocess plastics. The Tesco Head of Packaging sits on the Plastics Pact advisory board. 

For more on our packaging commitments visit: 


TOTM launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage our periods and understand menstrual health and wellbeing. TOTM are positioned to be a key part of the 'menstrual liberation’ movement as a modern period care brand tackling taboos and challenging taboo period issues. TOTM are the #PeriodPowerful brand.

TOTM are registered with The Vegan Society and are PETA Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.

Endometriosis UK:

Endometriosis devastates the lives of women and their families. One in ten women endure unrelenting pain that affects every aspect of their lives each day. That’s over 1.5 million women who desperately need support and information to help them understand this chronic condition. Endometriosis UK provides vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

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