First ever kid-friendly Christmas veg shapes to be launched by Tesco

Included in the roasting tray will be prepared sweet potato Christmas trees, swede snowmen and butternut stars.

The launch is the latest move by Tesco to help parents to encourage their children to eat healthily and enjoy vegetables from an early age.

Last year Tesco became the first supermarket to bring out a fun range of prepared vegetable shapes aimed at kids which were star-shaped butternut squash bites.

And it has also since added sweet potato smile shapes to its growing range.

Tesco prepared vegetable buyer Ami Harmer said:

“We know how hard it can be for parents of young kids to eat their vegetables and we hope that this will make mealtimes more of a fun occasion for both.

“Not only does it make the vegetables more appealing for kids but it also takes out a lot of the hassle of preparing them which might deter busy cooks at home.

“We know Christmas is a feast and not the healthiest of days but hope by adding a touch of novelty, we can make vegetables the deliciously nutritious and fun part of every meal.”

The move by Tesco to create the child-friendly vegetable shapes has won the support of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) who have long been campaigning for food manufacturers to create child-friendly food shapes in order to help reverse the current obesity crisis.

Ali Capper, chairwoman of the NFU’s Horticulture Board said:

It is imperative that we lift the consumption of fruit and vegetables in the UK among all age groups and especially children.

“Fun initiatives like this one from Tesco are an excellent way of encouraging children to eat vegetables that might otherwise be overlooked.

“The NFU is delighted that Tesco has taken up one of the recommendations made in the recent NFU Fit for the Future campaign to increase fruit and vegetable consumption.”

The roasting vegetable Christmas shapes will be available in nearly 500 Tesco stores across the UK from today and will cost £1.75 per 300g pack.


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