Brits set for month-long feel good feast of football fun starting on Thursday

The waiting is over and today (Thursday June 14) four weeks of top football action kicks off when the World Cup starts in Russia.

During the course of the four week long football tournament Tesco predicts the following sales:

  • Beer – Nearly 140 million bottles and cans
  • Pizzas – More than 2 million
  • More than 60 million bags of crisps and related snacks - that’s 1,557 packets a minute or 26 sold per second. This means that in four seconds Tesco will sell more packets than the total number of World Cup goals England have scored between 1950 and 2014.
  • 75,000 giant screen TVs
  • Nearly 20,000 flags
  • More than 10,000 car hanging flags

Demand for giant TVs is also strong with many people using the opportunity of the football fiesta and Wimbledon to upgrade their old set with 48” and above the most popular sizes being bought.

Tesco Beer, Wines and Spirits Category Director Rob Cooke said:

“With summer around the corner and the excitement of the World Cup taking place for the next month there will be a real party atmosphere across the country.

“We’re already seeing rising demand for drink and typical party foods in advance of England playing their first match and have ordered in extra supplies to make sure Britain doesn’t run dry.”

Tesco has found that beer tastes have changed considerably since the 2014 World Cup in Germany with craft beer rocketing in popularity since then by nearly 200 per cent.


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