With more varieties than ever 2019 really has become the Year of the Pig (in Blanket)

It may officially be the Chinese ‘Year of the Pig’ but as far as food goes it’s become the Year of the Pig in Blanket, with a record number of varieties being trotted out for Christmas by Tesco.

Once a seasonal treat that was only available at Christmas, the trimming has now grown into an all year round top seller, with even a BBQ kebab version launched by Tesco this summer.

And while they were once restricted to pork-lovers Tesco has gone beyond the whole hog to cater for vegans, chicken fans, spicy food lovers, gourmets and even those with a sweet tooth!

Based on its extended range this Christmas, Tesco has calculated that it will sell a hefty 32.5 million individual pigs in blankets across the festive season – that works out at just under one for every two people in the UK.

Tesco sausage buyer Hugh Kenney-Herbert said:

“We think that 2019 will go down as the Year of the Pig In Blanket because it’s the year that this wonderful seasonal treat really came of age with varieties for every taste.

“While there are a multitude of delicious traditional Pigs in Blankets to choose from we have also catered for the biggest food trend of the last decade by launching our first ever plant-based lines made with pea protein and roasted mushrooms and wrapped in vegan pastry.

“For younger members of the family and the sweet-toothed there are also chocolate versions - a pigs in blanket lollipop and a white chocolate hollow pig.

“And if you still can’t get enough then there’s Pig in Blanket flavoured nuts and crisps to enjoy before and after the festive feast.”

The full Tesco Pigs in Blankets Christmas range 2019 is as follows:

  1. Chorizo Style Pigs In Blankets. With smoked red peppers, paprika and garlic wrapped in oak-smoked streaky bacon – 10 for £2.50
  2. Chicks In Blankets. Delicately seasoned chicken sausages hand-wrapped with smoky streaky bacon – 10 for £2
  3. Stuffing Wreath with Pigs in Blankets and Cranberry Compote. The stuffing is made with British pork and Bramley apples with a centre of tangy cranberry compote. They are finished with whole cranberries and topped with six finest range Pigs in Blankets - £5
  4. British Outdoor Bred Pigs In Blankets. Pork cocktail sausage wrapped in rashers of smoked, dry cured streaky bacon – 10 for £2.50
  5. Jumbo Pigs In Blankets. Lightly seasoned with parsley, white pepper, black pepper, and hand wrapped in beechwood-smoked streaky bacon rashers – 4 for £2
  6. Classic Pigs In Blankets. Nothing fancy or added. Just the everyday seasonal favourite – 12 for £2
  7. Pigless Blankets. For the growing number of vegans out there – Juicy Cumberland style bangers packed with pea protein and roasted mushrooms wrapped in a vegan pastry – 10 for £2
  8. Pig In Blanket Chocolate Hollow. Made using cocoa in support of the Rainforest Alliance the white chocolate hollow pig has a pink, strawberry-flavour face - £3.50
  9. Pig In Blanket Chocolate Lollipop. A mini pig in blanket sweet treat made from milk chocolate - £1

Further to that Tesco is also this year stocking:

  • Pigs In Blankets Flavoured Crisps
  • Pigs in Blankets Coated Nuts

 And during the summer Tesco launched the first ever BBQ Pig In Blanket on a skewer.

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