Tesco’s new campaign sees hundreds of prices matched with Aldi

The price match gives customers great products at competitive prices.

Customers will be able to save money on their shopping*, as Tesco today committed to price match Aldi on hundreds of items that matter to them. 

Hundreds of Tesco and branded products will be matched to Aldi prices, ensuring customers are getting competitive prices on these products at Tesco and saving themselves a trip.

The campaign includes important products such as Tesco Ripe Bananas (5 Pack), Tesco Whole Cucumbers and Warburtons Toastie Sliced White bread as well as many other Tesco and branded products. 

Prices of the products included will be checked to give customers peace of mind, offering Tesco products at Aldi prices for simple, great value.

The Aldi Price Match campaign will also be available online allowing Tesco customers to get great value delivered straight to their door.

The campaign builds on significant investments that Tesco has made in the price and quality of the great-value Exclusively at Tesco brands over the last 18 months.

Tesco customers can also benefit from the range of over 25,000 products available in larger Tesco stores and all the perks of Clubcard. Those who’ve signed up to Tesco’s new and unique loyalty subscription service, Clubcard Plus, could save over £400 a year including 10% off two big shops each month.

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer, said:

“Our customers tell us they want the most competitive prices on the things they buy regularly.  This new campaign will help time-poor and budget savvy customers get Tesco products at Aldi prices on products that matter to them”.

Products included in the new campaign will have a distinctive red Aldi Price Match bubble displayed at the shelf edge and will be called out online, ensuring customers can easily spot products that are included.

Notes to editors

* Savings relate to products included in the Aldi Price Match

  • Tesco customers already get regular savings across our wide range of products, with our Weekly Little Helps promotions and our Fresh 5 offer on seasonal fruit and vegetables. 
  • During our centenary year we have kept prices down in our Exclusively at Tesco range and invested in prices on some of our customers’ favourite brands through our Great Value events
  • Tesco Clubcard holders receive points, vouchers, rewards, coupons for shopping with us and as part of the Centenary celebrations we also created Clubcard Prices, giving Clubcard holders access to exclusive lower prices. This was the first time a UK supermarket had offered savings in this way.
  • Last year, we launched Clubcard Plus – a subscription service allowing customers to get even more value across Tesco stores, F&F clothing, Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile with benefits including:
    • 10% off two big shops up to £200 each, every month, (with savings of over £380 a year excluding subscription, on groceries alone, exclusions apply)
    • A family of four with two school aged children spend on average £200 a year on school uniform so can save £20 a year with 10% off F&F
    • Pet owners spend on average £250 a year on dog food and treats so can save £25 a year as they get 10% off Tesco Pet
    • More information can be found here.  
  • Tesco customers can also access a range of online services, including Home Delivery, Click & Collect and Delivery Saver.
  • We check prices in Aldi stores twice weekly. The stores we check are located in England, Wales and Scotland. Aldi do not have stores in Northern Ireland. We only match a price where we find it in a minimum of 5 of their stores. 



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