Get ready for Christmas Tree Saturday - sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You’ve heard of Black Friday, you’ve heard of Cyber Monday – now get ready for Christmas Tree Saturday! 

That’s the day when increasing numbers of shoppers go out to buy their Christmas trees and start to get in the festive spirit. And it’s set to happen earlier than ever – this coming weekend. 

Over the last few years Tesco has noticed demand for Christmas trees start earlier and earlier in the season. 

And this year it is predicting sales to start this coming weekend – in November! 

Not only that, based on increasing sales over the last few years, the supermarket is predicting demand to be up by around 15 per cent on last year. 

Tesco horticulture spokeswoman Lottie Morrison said: 

“Over the last few years we’ve noticed bulk sales starting earlier in the festive season with a major increase in shoppers choosing longer-lasting, non-drop Christmas trees like the Nordman Fir. 

“The trend has become so pronounced and widespread across the whole of the UK that we now refer to the event as Christmas Tree Saturday.

“This year we are anticipating an even earlier rush – at the end of November - on account of last year’s Christmas party celebrations being cancelled because of the pandemic.  

“While most of those early sales will happen on the Saturday we do see a spike across the whole weekend - and the following weekend - as it gives families the chance to enjoy the decorating ceremony together.”

The early sales have also been noticed by Europe’s largest Christmas tree wholesalers, Needlefresh, based in Foxhill, near Swindon in Wiltshire, who also supply Tesco. 

The company, which has a team of dedicated growers across the UK, sells 800,000 pot-grown trees every year. 

The company’s Managing Director, George Hood said: The company’s Managing Director, George Hood said: 

“This year is going to be very special on account of lockdown and we are gearing up for this coming weekend to be busier than normal.

“Over the last few years the bulk of our sales have come in the first weekend of December but this year we are anticipating Saturday Nov 27 to be much busier.” 

Offering advice to shoppers on how to keep their trees fresh George Hood added: “If you do buy your tree early, it is important to treat it carefully to ensure it will last well right through the season.

“Cut trees are like cut flowers, if you cut a little off the stem and place them in a water-holding stand, they will drink water which will keep them fresh.

“If you have bought a pot-grown tree then keep it well watered. When you get your tree home, if at all possible, keep it outside until you are ready to decorate it. When you do bring it in, keep it away from direct heat like radiators so it doesn’t dry out.”



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