Tesco opens new checkout-free store, ‘GetGo’

Tesco has today (Tuesday 19 October) opened its first checkout-free store in central London, giving customers the opportunity to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a checkout. This new store trial, GetGo, offers customers the same Tesco products with a seamless shopping experience.

The rollout of this technology to Tesco Express High Holborn follows a successful trial at Tesco’s colleague store in Welwyn Garden City, which has been in place since 2019. Tesco Express High Holborn has been a cashless store since it first opened in 2018.

Our leading-edge technology means that customers with the app will be able to check-in to our store, pick up the groceries they need and walk straight out again without visiting a checkout. A combination of cameras and weight-sensors will establish what customers have picked up and charge them for products directly through the app when they leave the store. Tesco has partnered Trigo for the launch of this store.

There will be a section in the store specifically for age-restricted products, with a separate exit where colleagues will manually check ID verification.

As the first public GetGo store launched by Tesco, this new technology will create an even more convenient shopping experience for customers, saving time for those who want to pop in to pick up something for lunch or grab dinner on their way home.

Kevin Tindall, Managing Director, Tesco Convenience said: “This is a really exciting moment for Tesco as we launch GetGo with customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience and our latest innovation offers a seamless checkout for customers on the go, helping them to save a bit more time. This is currently just a one-store trial but we’re looking forward to seeing how our customers respond”.



  • Tesco has partnered with Trigo to roll out its frictionless technology

  • The store will be open 7am to 11pm

  • The cameras do not use facial recognition technology, but instead track body movements. Visual data from customers will not be stored or saved.

How does the shop work?

  • Customers will need to use their app. If they don’t have this already, they will need to download it and create an account before using this store.

  • Customers check in at the store entrance and shop as normal.

  • Cameras and technology in the store will detect which items customers put in their basket to purchase.

  • Customers walk out with their purchases.

  • They will be charged through the app after leaving the store and will receive a receipt on their phone within a few minutes of leaving the store.

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