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Redistributing surplus food

Good food should never go to waste. So, at the end of every day, our stores donate surplus food to charities and communities through our Community Food Connection scheme. This connects volunteers to our stores with an app that tells them what's available.

Charities, community groups and "Food Waste Heroes" can then collect the food to be distributed or turned into meals. Community Food Connection is delivered in partnership with FareShare and OLIO.

Community Food Connection

Community Food Connection is the biggest supermarket surplus food redistribution scheme in the UK.

over 145 million

meals donated since 2016

more than 3900

charities regularly supported from our stores

2 million meals

per month redistributed to local communities

“Tesco has demonstrated real leadership in tackling needless food waste, across their stores and distribution centres, their level of commitment to using food for social good has helped FareShare to provide millions of meals for people facing food insecurity across the UK.”

Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare


Every day, thousands of charities and community groups get food from Tesco's Community Food Connection.

How it works:



1. Colleagues.

Stores send a message at the end of each day to say what surplus food is available.

2. FoodCloud app.

FareShare-supported groups or OLIO Food Waste Heroes collect the food from stores, free of charge, taking all or part of the donation.

3. Community Groups.

As well as providing meals for the people the charities support, the redistributed food also reduces food waste.

OLIO's impact

8 million

meals not wasted


OLIO Food Waste Heroes


grocer to roll out OLIO