Group charitable Donations policy

Group Charitable Donations policy

Last updated 18/05/2021

Charitable donations, whether in the form of money or donations in-kind (such as time, products or services), are an important part of our commitment to social responsibility and our third value: every little help makes a big difference.

Our Group charitable donations policy sets out rules to ensure that we are supporting reputable charities and organisations.


This policy applies to:

  • all business units that are either majority-owned by Tesco or operated by Tesco management.
  • charitable foundations or trusts that are run by, or on behalf of, Tesco;
  • Third parties, including contractors and suppliers, who make charitable donations on behalf of Tesco.

50% owned joint ventures are expected to put in place policies consistent with this policy.


In addition to respecting local laws, the following policy rules apply in relation to charitable donations:

  • Charitable donations are only made with the appropriate authority: colleagues should obtain the appropriate approval before making charitable donations. The value and type of donation will determine the level of approval required.
  • No bribery: Where there is a risk of bribery, especially to charities associated with public officials and their families, appropriate due diligence is conducted before such donations are made.
  • Donations made to charities from the sale of specific products (cause-related marketing) must always have a written contract in place: A promotional statement, which states who the donation is from, must also be used on all marketing materials including posters, leaflets and labels.
  • Charitable social events organised by Tesco: Our Group Gift & Entertainment policy provides guidance for colleagues who are organising charitable events. In particular, it is important to ensure that suppliers or other stakeholders are not pressured into purchasing tickets for a charity event.
  • No use of expenses to process charitable donations: Cash donations to charity may not be made by a colleague on behalf of Tesco and reclaimed as personal expenses.

Commercial sponsorship agreements

Commercial sponsorship agreements, for example of a sporting team or cultural event, which are principally intended to promote the Tesco brand via association with that team or event, are not deemed to be charitable donations by Tesco for the purposes of this policy. However, relevant authority must be obtained.

Colleague fundraising for charities

Colleague fundraising for charities that are not formally supported by Tesco falls outside the scope of this policy. However, where Tesco “tops up” the amount raised by colleagues, then policy must be followed and relevant authority obtained.

Reporting breaches

Colleagues have a duty to speak up if they believe the policy has been breached. Our Code of Business Conduct provides guidance on who colleagues can speak to, including details of Protector Line, a confidential helpline.

Each business unit maintains a log of charitable donations or sponsorship agreements. The business unit Risk & Compliance Committee reviews the log of charitable donations and sponsorship agreements twice each year.

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This policy is supported by the following Group policies:

  • Group Anti-Bribery policy
  • Group Gift & Entertainment policy

Charitable Donations data

Corporate giving

We support charities and good causes in a variety of ways, for example, through donations, gifts in kind, and time volunteered.

We follow the London Benchmarking Group framework to measure the contributions we make. Details of these contributions can be found in the table below.



Cash total

Time total

In-kind total

Management total




£ 26.6m



£ 7.4m



£ 67.4m



£ 7.8m



£ 109.2m

































Colleague and customer fundraising

Where we have the opportunity, we use our presence in communities to help raise awareness and money for good causes. For example, we organise food collections where our customers are invited to join us in helping to donate food to those in need. Details of the funds raised for charities and good causes through donations from our customers and colleagues can be found in the table below.