How we work with the Usdaw union

How we work with the Usdaw union

Last Updated: 18/02/2021

We recognise the importance of having an open, constructive dialogue with workers’ representatives. This enables both colleagues and Tesco to have a better understanding of the issues that each of us face and work together to find ways to resolve them. We consult with several different representatives across our business and subsidiaries, but all colleagues are free to join a trade union of their choice.

Colleagues can choose to pay their union subscription via their Tesco payroll.

UK Usdaw Partnership Agreement

Usdaw is the sole recognised union for Tesco colleagues working in our stores and customer fulfilment centres in the UK. Tesco and Usdaw have a long-standing relationship based on clear and shared values, mutual trust and respect, and open and honest ways of working together constructively.

The Partnership Agreement is the basis for the relationship between Tesco and Usdaw. It lays out the principles and processes for how we work together, engage, listen and respond to colleagues, improve terms and conditions, and solve problems together.

This voluntary agreement between Tesco and Usdaw serves as a practical guide to:

  • How we engage, listen and respond to our colleagues through a Forum process
  • The roles and responsibilities of representatives
  • The facilities and training reps receive to help and support them to deliver their role
  • How we support Usdaw to recruit new members
  • How Tesco and Usdaw work together and how we solve problems
  • How we improve terms and conditions

We believe that our joint objectives and commitment to work together help create a great place to work for our colleagues and a great place to shop for our customers.