Our approach to pesticides

Our approach to pesticides

Last updated 15/01/2020

We require all Tesco suppliers to adhere to a comprehensive and robust set of requirements focused on ensuring our products are safe, legal and high quality, as well as meeting our commitments to the environment and responsible sourcing.

All suppliers of fresh produce (fruit and vegetables) to Tesco UK must have Global GAP certification internationally and Red Tractor in the UK, with an additional Tesco Nurture module, which focuses on the safe, responsible and legal use of plant protection products. Both certifications require an integrated pest management system to be in place with evidence that growers only use Plant Protection Products (PPPs) where other means of protection are not effective. Compliance with these requirements is overseen by our Technical teams and checked through a risk-based audit programme.

Additionally we monitor the use of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) across our entire fresh produce grower base using a third-party web-based platform. We have around 11,000 fresh produce growers worldwide who supply our UK stores and they are all required to submit lists of their proposed PPPs for assessment prior to the start of their growing season. Our third-party consultants risk assess all PPPs from a legal, safety and environmental point of view and issue guidance on safe use as required.

The continued focus on the responsible use of PPPs, including their reduction, forms part of our ongoing work with suppliers through our Technical and Responsible Sourcing teams, and through mechanisms such as our supplier technical forums.

Going forward we are reviewing our Plant Protection Products list with a view of minimising the numbers being used. We are also extending our approach to PPP management to our frozen and canned produce supply chains.

For more information contact our corporate responsibility team cr.enquiries@uk.tesco.com