Tesco's political donations policy

Tesco’s political donations policy statement

Political Donations. Last updated: 08/03/2021

At Tesco we uphold the highest standards of corporate governance and actively work to mitigate operational and reputational risks across our business. We are apolitical and we do not make political donations.

Where we do work with governments and other parties, this is limited to the issues that are important to our customers and to the interests of the business. Any relevant expenditure associated with this work is recorded in our Annual Report. Our activities are fully compliant with the relevant laws, in the UK and in the other markets in which we operate.

Tesco is a member of a number of trade bodies and industry organisations, given their important role in championing business and consumer interests to a wide range of stakeholders.

Further information can be found in our Guidance for political engagement.

For more information please contact government.relations@tesco.com.