Healthier products

We want to offer our customers great tasting, affordable products that are good for them and their families, so that choosing the healthy option is easy and enjoyable.

Reformulation: Reducing sugar, fat and salt

We believe healthy and nutritious food can still taste great. Our reformulation programme means that customers can enjoy their favourite products knowing they are now better for them. Through reformulation, we’ve made thousands of the products our customers enjoy a little healthier. We’re continuously working to reduce the salt, sugar, fat and calories in our products. There’s no compromise on taste with Tesco Own Brand products.

Tesco were the first retailer to reduce sugar in own brand drinks to below the UK Government’s Sugar Levy and we’re now working to reduce sugar in all our other products. Over the last year we’ve been focusing on reducing sugar in cereal, yogurts, puddings, cakes and biscuits. In the last year we’ve achieved on average a 4.6% reduction across these key categories.

In the UK most people do not eat enough fibre. The average daily intake is 17.2g/day for women and 20.1g/day for men, well short of the recommended intake of 30g per day. We’ve been working to increase fibre content in products where it occurs naturally. For example, we’ve added whole wheat flour into our garlic bread. Our gluten-free pasta varieties using lentil or chickpea flour provide a higher fibre alternative while also being suitable for those with specific dietary needs.

Our reformulation programme is also benefitting customers around the world. We re-launched our own brand soft drinks range in Central Europe, having removed 4,100 tonnes of sugar. In Thailand we were the first retailer to bring all our own brand soft drinks below 6g of sugar per 100ml. We also removed trans-fats from all 135 Tesco bakery items.

Cost: Exclusive Ranges and Everyday Low Prices

Innovation in product development makes healthier eating even more affordable for customers. In 2016 Tesco launched its Perfectly Imperfect range of ‘wonky’ fruit and veg, to help reduce food waste while offering our customer great value fresh food.

Our ‘Exclusively at Tesco’ range of good quality fruit, veg, meat, fish and poultry brands are also helping to make healthier eating more affordable. They can be found in two thirds of customer baskets.

We’ve moved away from confusing promotions towards every day, low pricing. We offer great prices on lots of healthy food including fruit and vegetables.

We also offer Free Fruit for Kids in our stores, as a little help for kids to eat more healthily. Over 100 million pieces of fruit have been given to children since 2016. During our regular colleague health months we offer our colleagues in the UK, Ireland and Central Europe free fruit to help towards their 5-a-day, and have so far given out 6 million pieces of fruit in the UK.

100 m

Pieces of free fruit given to children (UK)

6 m

Pieces of free fruit given to colleagues (UK)

Information: Clear labelling

We’ve a long history of leading the way with clear nutritional labelling on our food. Labels on the back of packs have displayed nutritional information since 1985. In 2005,we were the first UK retailer to put nutrition information on the front of packs, based on Guideline Daily Amounts.

SpoonGuru is our latest way of providing more information and healthier choices to customers. Online customers with special dietary needs are able to quickly filter products by requirements, such as lactose-free, vegan, gluten-free or low salt with SpoonGuru. We’re working on making the app available in store too.

We want to make sure there are no barriers to food choices. For the fourth consecutive year, Tesco has been named Free From Retailer of the Year.