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Human Rights

Our responsibility to respect human rights goes beyond our colleagues and our customers. It also includes the communities we operate in and the people who work throughout our supply chain.


Everyone is entitled to have their human rights and freedoms respected, whoever they are and wherever they live and work.

40.3 million1

Some 40.3 million people worldwide are subject to modern slavery


Women make up half the world’s workforce and the majority of college graduates, yet only hold around 25% of leadership roles

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We aim for all the jobs we help create through our supply chain to be decent, fair and safe and that human rights are respected. Stakeholders and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights guide our approach and standards.

Our Priorities


Sustainable livelihoods


Modern slavery


Gender equality


Worker representation

Explore our human rights approach across four key products



Bananas are one of our bestselling products and it is important for our customers that they are sustainably sourced. The majority of our bananas sold in the UK and Ireland come from Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia.


Tea is a very popular product for our customers in the UK. It’s associated globally with low wages, gender discrimination and poor living conditions both for plantation workers and smallholders. We have been working actively and collaboratively to address these complex issues with the wider industry.  


We work collaboratively  with  suppliers  and  the  wider industry  across our cocoa supply  chain  to improve  the  incomes of workers and farmers.


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. It is also one of the world’s most traded commodities, and is the economic backbone of countries throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa. Smallholder farmers produce much of the world’s coffee and we’re committed to helping support them and ensuring their human rights are protected.

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