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The global food sector is responsible for over one third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.1

To help tackle climate change, we need to change how we produce food.

Food supply chains are complex and we need to work with others to make this change happen.

Climate change

27% of the global workforce makes a living from agriculture.2

How we farm, catch and produce food affects the livelihoods of millions as well as the environment.

Responsible and sustainable food production practices are better for people and the planet.

Farming & agriculture

The 2021 Driven To Waste Report suggests that 40% of food is uneaten.

Everyone has a part to play in stopping food waste.

We work with suppliers, communities and customers to make sure good food is never wasted.

Tackling food waste

We must halt further habitat loss, over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution and climate change. As the UK’s leading food retailer, we have a responsibility to help transform the food system.

Making change happen

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We're taking strong action on climate change, with a commitment to be carbon neutral in our own operations by 2035 and net zero across our whole footprint by 2050.

Tesco is tackling the impact of plastic and packaging with the '4Rs': Remove where we can, Reduce where we can’t, Reuse more of it, and Recycle what’s left.

We tackle food waste by reducing food loss in our operations, working with suppliers, supporting communities and helping customers prevent food waste at home.

Our goal is to make healthy, sustainable food accessible to everyone – whoever they are, wherever they live and whatever their budget.

We are working towards zero deforestation in the sourcing of soy, palm and timber, with a particular focus on soy, by setting clear targets, mapping our footprint and tracking our progress against targets. 

We partner with farmers and suppliers around the world to create better food systems, support sustainable agriculture and improve animal welfare.

We work to improve the health of fish stocks and the marine ecosystem, promote sustainable aquaculture, and support human rights in the fishing industry.

Tesco and WWF are partnering to make it easier for people to buy food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable. Our goal is to halve the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket.