Making healthy, sustainable food affordable for everyone

Making healthy, sustainable food affordable for everyone

Our customers want to lead healthier lives with 77% asking for our help to eat more healthily.


of adults in England are obese


of adults in England are overweight


of customers want to eat more sustainably, but are unsure of how to do this

“We believe passionately that affordable, healthy and sustainable food choices should be accessible to everyone – whoever they are, wherever they live, whatever their budget.”

Oonagh Turnbull, Head of Health and Sustainable Diet Campaigns



Tesco's healthy food history

A history of our food journey

  1. We were the first UK retailer to put nutrition information on the front of packs, based on Guideline Daily Amounts. In 2014 we added traffic light labelling.

  2. We added traffic light labelling to Guideline Daily Amounts.

  3. Free Fruit for Kids started. Since then we have given away 100 million pieces of fruit.

  4. 'Helpful Little Swaps' launches to encourage customers to try healthier alternatives to family favourites at the same price.

  5. Tesco was the first retailer to reduce sugar in its own-brand drinks to below the Soft Drinks Industry Levy. Since 2018 we have removed 52 billion calories from food without compromising taste and will reduce another 50 billion by 2024. 50% of ready meals now contain at least one of our 5 a day com

  6. We launched 'Fresh 5' - fantastic offers on 5 lines of fresh fruit and veg, which change every two weeks and make it more affordable for customers to eat more fruit and veg.

  7. Tesco became the first UK retailer to publish annual sales of plant-based protein as a percentage of overall protein, so we can track our progress. In partnership with WWF, we launched the Sustainable Basket metric to understand the environmental impact of popular food items. We are now 11% of the