Our Approach

Our business success depends on the health and stability of our natural environment.

We have a responsibility to help maintain the natural balance of our planet’s ecosystem and climate, from the sourcing of our fresh produce and other products to how we adopt and promote sustainable production and consumption behaviours with our suppliers, colleagues and customers.

Our Planet pillar focuses on tackling the global climate change threat, protecting important ecosystems such as forests and marine environments and advocating for sustainable agricultural practices that protect soil health and biodiversity.


Whether it’s our fresh meat and dairy, fruit and vegetables, or the ingredients which go into our prepared meals and grocery products, all have their origins on farms around the world. Our sustainable agriculture agenda aims to promote food production that is compatible with protecting water resources, biodiversity, climate and soil health.

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Climate Change:

We recognise climate change as the biggest environmental threat the world faces, and one which could pose significant impact on our business.

In 2017, we became signatories of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). We carried out scenario analysis last year and further information on this can be found in the Annual Report. We are working to assess and mitigate any business risks as a result of a changing climate. 

We are committed to becoming a zero-carbon business by 2050 and through our ‘Improve, Transform, Advocate’ approach we are taking specific actions to reduce our emissions.

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Today, forests cover 30% of the Earth’s land surface, they are a vital source of oxygen and home to 80% of Earth’s biodiversity, including many endangered species. They also provide livelihoods for 1.6 billion people. The world has already lost approximately half its forests over the past century and what remains is increasingly under threat. Preventing further deforestation and degradation is critical to a sustainable future.

We are committed to achieving zero-net deforestation in our sourcing of raw materials in our Own Brand products, including palm oil, wood/paper products and soy.

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Covering three quarters of the earth’s surface, oceans are home to some of the planet’s most unique and diverse creatures. It also serves as a key source of food, with more than 3 billion people depending on the oceans as their primary source of protein.

As a global retailer Tesco has a crucial role in promoting healthy oceans and fish stocks and preserving its resources for future generations. We work collaboratively across the industry to responsibly source our seafood.

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Top 20 products:

We are committed leading the industry in addressing the sustainability challenges in our supply chains. We want to give our customers peace of mind that the products they buy from us are sourced with respect for the environment and people who produce them, while remaining affordable. The top 20 products have been selected either because we sell them in large volumes or because they have the biggest sustainability impacts.

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