Our Approach

Seven out of ten families say they think supermarkets should do more to help people make healthier choices. Our customers and colleagues face many challenges when trying to choose healthier options.

They may lack information or the time to find better choices, feel they can’t afford them, or simply don’t like the taste. Our health programme is built on in-depth insight into these barriers, and our approach is about making the healthy option easy and enjoyable through helpful actions and advice.

Working in partnership

Our Health Charity Partnership with Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation - as well as our partnership with Jamie Oliver - aims to support our colleagues to live healthier lives and help our customers make healthier choices every time they shop with us.

Healthier options

Tesco has led the industry on producing and promoting healthier options. We came up with initiatives such as including clear nutritional labelling on packs, removing sweets from checkouts, providing Free Fruit for Kids and reformulating our soft drinks to reduce sugar way before anyone else. Our continuing reformulation programme means that customers can enjoy their favourite products knowing they are now better for them.

In-store health events

We hold regular store health events through our ‘Little Helps for Healthier Living’ campaign. It includes highlighting to customers ‘helpful little swaps’ and healthier basket comparisons. During our most recent event in September 2018, we demonstrated how healthier versions of selected items were 12% cheaper than a regular basket. Our partnership with Jamie Oliver also helped to promote the event, with healthy recipes shared with colleagues and customers to help them cook great value, healthier meals from scratch

Tesco Helpful Little Swaps. Jamie Oliver in store.