Our Approach

Customers want great products at great value, and it’s our job to deliver this.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products that meet the highest safety standards. Beyond product safety, we believe that healthy, sustainable products should be affordable to all, no matter what their budget. We want to give our customers peace of mind that the products they buy from us, no matter the range, are sourced with respect for the environment and people.

Our Products pillar focuses on tackling important issues from farm to fork. From the health and welfare of the animals in our supply chain to supporting our customers with healthier product choices. Its about promoting responsible consumption and production, eliminating food waste and being part of a closed loop system for packaging, reducing its environmental impact.

Animal Welfare:

The health and welfare of animals within our supply chain is very important and we are committed to working responsibly in this area; working with farmers to drive progress and influence best practice. Our team of in-house experts oversee animal welfare management through farm visits, the Tesco Sustainable Farming Groups, Tesco Supplier Network and benchmarking and auditing compliance with our Livestock Requirements.

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Food waste:

At Tesco, we have no time for waste and we are committed to helping reduce food waste on farms, in-store and at home. We have set a target to halve food waste from farm to fork in each of our markets and published our food waste data for all parts of our food business.

Beyond our own business operations, we are working with our suppliers and across industry and civil society organisations to mobilise global action by sharing our expertise and lessons from our food waste programme.

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Health and diets:

We want to make it easier and more enjoyable for customers and colleagues to make healthier choices. Our health programme addresses many of the barriers customers tell us they face, such as lack of information or time to find better choices and perceptions that healthy food is expensive and less tasty.

Through regular health events, product reformulation and clearer labelling we are making it easier for customers to enjoy their favourite products, knowing they are now better for them or to try healthier alternatives.

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We aim to make packaging work for people, not against the planet. This is why we are committed to creating a system where packaging is treated as a valuable resource that can be used, re-used, collected and recycled in a closed loop. A system where waste isn’t tolerated. A system where plastic stays out of the environment and inside the economy.

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Product Safety:

Tesco is committed to providing customers with quality products which meet the highest safety and legal requirements. We set robust standards for the production of both our food and non-food products and carry out regular testing to ensure these are maintained.

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Top 20 products:

We are committed leading the industry in addressing the sustainability challenges in our supply chains. We want to give our customers peace of mind that the products they buy from us are sourced with respect for the environment and people who produce them, while remaining affordable. The top 20 products have been selected either because we sell them in large volumes or because they have the biggest sustainability impacts.

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