Our approach to genetically modified ingredients

Last reviewed: 20/01/2020

Genetic Modification (GM)


Genetic modification (GM) is a technology which can be used to produce plants with particular characteristics, for example resistance to pests or greater tolerance to drought. You can read more about GM on the Food Standards Agency website.

Our approach

We do not allow the use of GM ingredients in Tesco branded products. Any non-Tesco branded products which contain GM material are clearly labelled in accordance with EU legislation so customers can make informed choices about the products they buy.

We do not prohibit the use of GM feed in the production of our non-organic meat, eggs and milk. We offer an organic range for those customers who prefer to avoid products from animals who may have had GM feed. Animals used to produce all our own-brand organic range of meat, eggs and milk are reared on non-GM feed.

Before a GM organism can be marketed as food or feed in Europe, it must be authorised. The authorisation procedure includes a safety assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

We will continue to listen to our customers, monitor scientific research and be guided by the European Food Safety Authority and UK Food Standards Agency’s advice on this issue.

For more information contact our corporate responsibility team - cr.enquiries@uk.tesco.com