Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group - price history

The Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group (TSDG) is one of the long term ways Tesco continues to provide support and security to British dairy farmers during periods of economic uncertainty. While prices may fluctuate in shops, we pay farmers a market leading price, set for three months at a time, ensuring they have a stable income, no matter what happens in the market.


TSDG Pence Per Litre (PPL) 

1st May 2020 31.51
1st February 2020 31.18
1st November 2019 31.40
1st August 2019 31.20
1st May 2019 31.27
1st February 2019 31.61
1st November 2018 31.24
1st August 2018 30.17
1st May 2018 29.84
1st February 2018 29.52
1st November 2017 29.45
1st August 2017 29.58
1st May 2017 29.37
1st February 2017 28.75
1st November 2016 28.61
1st August 2016 28.71
1st May 2016 28.69

At Tesco we are committed to selling high quality milk, sourced from British dairy farmers who benefit from our long-term support and are guaranteed a fair price for every pint. Find out more about our Fair For Farmers Guarantee.