Crops in a field being watered

Our Little Helps Plan sets out our target to help make sustainable products accessible and affordable for all. To achieve this, we have also committed to leading the industry in addressing the sustainability challenges in our supply chains, starting with our most important products and ingredients.

These ingredients and raw materials all come from the natural environment on which we depend and need to protect for the future.

We have prioritised the five environments on which we have an impact, through our operations or sourcing, as farmlands, forests, marine, freshwater and climate. We have committed to taking action to protect and sustain these over the long term. We deliver this through our three-pronged approach of Improve, Transform and Advocate:

  • Improve – We will drive year-on-year improvements by working with our suppliers to drive efficiency and other improvements, through our standards and policies, as well as sharing best practice.
  • Transform – We will support sustainability innovation that can lead to a step-change for our own supply chain and wider industry.
  • Advocate – Through industry groups and policy engagement, we will collaborate with others and encourage all parties to play their part in a way that meets the scale of our current environmental challenge.

At Tesco we sell thousands of products and our Little Helps Plan commitments focus on our most important products and ingredients. We have identified 20 key products, many of which are associated with environmental challenges.

You can find out more about our work in each area through the pages below:

Farmlands (Sustainable Agriculture)

Tractor in a field

Whether it’s our fresh meat and dairy, fruit and vegetables, or the ingredients which go into our prepared meals, all have their origins on farms around the world.

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Aerial view of a forest

Forests play a critical role in our global ecosystem. They are a vital source of oxygen for the planet, an important habitat for the world’s biodiversity, and provide livelihoods for millions of people.

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School of fish deep in the sea

As a global retailer and the UK’s biggest fishmonger, Tesco has a crucial role in promoting healthy oceans and fish stocks.

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Aerial view of river

As well as using water more efficiently, we are taking action to ensure that our operations and supply chain protect water quality.

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Tesco Sea Containter

Earth’s climate makes it possible for life to thrive on our planet. Our climate change agenda sets out our actions – both in our own operations and our supply chain – to ensure we contribute to addressing the challenges of climate change.

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Bring your own container sign

We are working in partnership with government, our suppliers and wider industry to create a closed loop system for all packaging materials.

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