F&F Clothing

Our mission

At F&F, we aim to be the world’s leading, affordable fashion retailer. We want to delight our customers with the quality products they love, sourced from suppliers we are both proud to work with and with whom we work in true partnership. We are a global brand, and we want to be a force for change in both reducing our social and environmental impact and confronting head on the challenges facing the fashion industry now and in the future.

Our values

Ethics and environmental issues are as important to us as they are to our customers, which is why we have made social and environmental targets integral to the way we work. Our approach to fashion is based on a number of core beliefs:

  • Improving lives through commerce
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Building partnerships based on shared, traceable standards with our suppliers
  • Continuously monitoring and reducing our environmental impact.

But beliefs mean little without actions. We are working to tackle environmental and social challenges in our own operations and supply chain. The problems facing the fashion industry cannot be solved by a single company so we are members of a number of national and international programmes that help us work more closely with our suppliers and other brands.

Sustainable Fabrics

Ladies harvesting cotton

Our aim is to ensure that the fabrics we choose to make our products with are sourced responsibly and sustainably.

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Environment (F&F)

Through our own actions and collaboration with suppliers all over the world, we are taking positive steps to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment, use water and energy efficiently, and help customers to recycle textiles.

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Human Rights (F&F)

Cotton worker in China

At F&F, we are committed to improving the lives of everyone involved in creating our clothes.

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Communities (F&F)

It is important to our business to support the communities that we operate in.

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