We only use packaging where it serves a clear purpose. We aim to ensure any packaging we do use can be collected, reused or recycled so that none of it goes to waste. A system where plastic stays out of the environment and inside a circular economy.

Our 4Rs packaging strategy is to Remove where we can, Reduce where we can’t, Reuse more, and Recycle what’s left. The strategy was launched to suppliers in 2019 to tackle the impact of plastics. Since that moment a cross-functional team at Tesco has assessed every single piece of packaging used in its business and worked on ways to Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Highlights to date include removing a billion pieces of plastic, launching an online reusable shopping service with Loop, improving the recyclability of hundreds of pieces of packaging, and launching soft plastic recycling facilities.



We focus on removing all unnecessary packaging and hard-to-recycle materials.


We are constantly striving to reduce the amount of packaging we use to an absolute minimum.


We are exploring new opportunities to reuse packaging in support of a circular economy.


We aim to ensure all the packaging we use is fully recyclable and contains recycled content where possible.