How the basket metric works

The basket metric will allow us to track progress towards the overall halving of the basket.

For each of the sub-metrics, we will be setting a target we need to track.

Each sub-metric will also be given a weighting. A combination of progress towards target, and sub-metric weighting will tell us our progress towards halving the environmental impact.

For each of the metrics, we will establish both a baseline for example for 2018, the year the Tesco and WWF partnership launched, and a long-term target. In some cases, targets have already been set, for example food waste, carbon reduction, packaging. Progress towards meeting each target will be multiplied by a percentage weighting. For example, one of the basket metrics is as follows:

  • Metric: % of South American soy from verified zero deforestation
  • The metric has a weighting of 12%
  • When we achieve our target that 100% of South American soy is from zero deforestation areas, we would therefore be 12% of the way towards halving the environmental impact of the average basket.


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