Tesco Supplier Network

Keeping close channels of communication with our many suppliers and producers around the world is an essential part of how we trade responsibly. In part this is made possible by our online supplier community, The Tesco Supplier Network, which give members a direct line to Tesco colleagues, industry experts and other suppliers around the world.

The Tesco Supplier Network was launched in January 2015 and builds on the success of our previous online communities - the Tesco Knowledge Hub and Producer Network. It is our online community of Tesco teams, suppliers and producers from around the world.


This new community gives us the opportunity to improve communication with our suppliers, to share ideas and address common challenges and to drive sustainability and innovation, both throughout our supply chain and ultimately in the products that our customers enjoy.

Our aims:

  1. Share knowledge and expertise
  2. Build a more sustainable supply chain
  3. Create and develop innovative solutions with Tesco.

“Working closely with my customers and suppliers to share best practice and support innovative behaviour is important to me. The TSN provides an excellent forum to facilitate this, making it a powerful tool for my business.”
Debbie Read - Molson Coors Brewing Company

Not only can Tesco Supplier Network members learn more about our strategy, they are also able to connect directly with Tesco teams and find peers facing similar sustainability challenges, for example with products at different lifecycle stages or on issues such as energy and food waste. The site also helps members to harness shared buying power and innovation resources.