Skills and Training

Our business is evolving to meet customer needs and we want to make sure our colleagues have the necessary skills to succeed now and for the future. As well as building on their existing skills, we are creating opportunities for colleagues to reskill in many areas of the workplace. As part of our people priorities, we recognise that continuing to develop our manager capability will enable a more consistent colleague experience. Also, by enabling the right technology to deliver an engaging and accessible learner experience, this will help colleagues to develop their long-term careers, support a continuous lifelong learning mindset whilst also supporting them to serve customers a little better every day.

Online Learning Platforms

Colleagues at Tesco have access to online learning platforms, giving them the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to support them to get on and be at their best. It brings together all our resources that make up the elements which shape opportunity at Tesco; Performance, Careers and Learning. Adapting to recent significant changes that impacted everyone in 2020, many of our face to face workshops have moved to a virtual, online offer. Colleagues can now access e-learning modules to learn at their own pace. To enrich the learning experience, our resources include a library of articles and videos from our learning partners, keeping track of their progress at they go. This is designed to support colleagues to take ownership of their career, either to develop personally, build confidence in an existing role or to grow their career.

Manager Capability (Line manager training)

We know that managers are at the heart of our business, supporting our colleagues to learn, develop and grow and to serve our customers a little better every day. This year our development programmes will equip our managers with the skills and behaviours they need to lead diverse teams in changing and uncertain times. The learning will cover a range of skills, such as agility and adaptive mindsets, but inclusion will be at the heart of the learning, equipping our managers to build inclusive cultures where everyone feels welcome and has the opportunity to get on.

Continuous, lifelong learning (Digital skills)

Following the virtual onboarding of 400 Future skills partners, they have supported 80,000 Managers and colleagues in Tesco stores to move to Work & Pay. They’ve done this by:

  • Coaching and supporting wage admin colleagues to build confidence using the new system though running a targeted learning day.
  • Identifying colleagues who need support with digital skills with managers in store. Following up with bespoke coaching (running over 19,000 sessions)
  • Achieved 99% completion rate of learning modules in stores where each colleague/Manager had one hour dedicated to Work & Pay and digital skills learning
  • Encouraging colleagues and Managers to self-serve learning and interact with digital tools such as Colleague Help to support with their learning

The programme will continue with approximately 600 Future Skills Partners throughout 2021.

Workforce of the future

The world of work is moving at pace and we know that we must equip our colleagues with the skills they need to succeed now and in the future. As well as building on existing skills, we are creating opportunities for colleagues to reskill in areas where demand is expected to increase and looking to expand our talent pools, so we can continue to resource the skills we need for the future. To focus on this, a new strategic workforce planning team has been set up to help build a picture of our future workforce supply and demand: the critical skills, roles and job families Tesco will need to deliver its strategy, and how we fulfil these. This insight is used to identify and shape the training needs and organisational capabilities for the future; for example, Technology and Channels being our first areas of focus, ensuring we are developing the critical skills required to deliver future business strategy.


There is a wide range of opportunities within our business and our apprenticeship programmes offer colleagues new skills, knowledge and self-development. We’ve always supported colleagues, of all ages, with the opportunities to get on, continue their education and build skills for their future. Apprenticeships start from a Level 2 Retail Apprenticeship to a Level 5 High Education apprenticeship.